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A one-size-fits-all approach to education fails to meet the diverse learning needs of autistic students who may need extra help or aren't successful in a traditional classroom environment. Our digital curriculum provides a personalized learning experience that lets students learn in their own way and at their own pace. Watch this video to learn more about Apex Learning, our digital curriculum at Science Prep Academy.


Rigorous & Engaging


Our comprehensive courses are built to standards that meet and exceed middle and high school requirements. Engaging content keeps students interested and motivated to succeed. At the same time, courses are designed to help students learn independently.

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Top Five Tips for Autistic Learners to Become a Computer Scientist 

There are plenty of job opportunities in the computer-related field nowadays and especially in the future. There are good opportunities for autistic learners to fill these positions because many have the requirements needed to be great computer scientists such as their preferences to the logical thinking process, their excellent ability with process & procedures, and their willingness to focus on individual tasks and assignments.


Here are some tips for parents to help support their Autistic genius to become a computer scientist.

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School Facts

Science Prep Academy (SPA) is a STEM College & Career Prep private school serving neurodivergent students in grades 6-12 throughout Arizona.


  • Students receive electives including  Computer Science/Coding, Adaptive Recreation, and Life Skills

  • Students receive Positive Behavior Support with the support of a counselor

  • Students receive high-quality instruction with continual assessment of growth


2021–22 School Year
Start: August 9, 2021 
End: May 27, 2022


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Phoenix Campus

​Tel: 602-832-4708 ​

Fax: 480-702-2115    



​1375 E Broadway Rd

Phoenix, AZ 85040



ESA (Empowerment Scholarship Account) is currently accepting new applications throughout the academic year, and students are admitted on a Quarterly basis! To apply, go to, and apply today!

March 7-11

Spring Break

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