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Our student's education is differentiated according to each student’s ability. The development of communication, personal and social skills forms a large part of their plan, with an emphasis placed on establishing appropriate social and emotional behavior in school and in the STEM lab settings. Science Prep Academy seeks to serve students with Asperger's Syndrome & High Functioning Autism throughout Metro Phoenix whose sights are set on college but who face a frustrating search for a quality school to help them realize their dreams.


Science Prep Academy’s curriculum will ensure college and career readiness by offering courses that fulfill all Arizona graduation requirements, allow for dual enrollment and early college options, and address key skills that students need for success. These skills include critical thinking and problem solving, global awareness, self-directed learning, collaboration skills, and technology literacy. Furthermore, the curriculum is engineered to allow teachers to adapt any learning activity—by adding, skipping, or deleting, often in conjunction with a mentor—to meet student needs, including the need to draw out complex thinking.

At Science Prep Academy, a student’s academic success is optimized through smart use of data and technology by expert, passionate teachers – both face-to-face and online – while his or her emotional success is supported by specially trained academic coaches and trained therapists in an innovative team environment.  Each and every student has a Personalized Learning Plan tailored to his or her particular learning requirements.  This approach allows Science Prep Academy to be a fully inclusive school in which students receiving special education services,  accelerated learners, and those in need of academic intervention are all equal members of the community, tackling curriculum via their school-provided laptops and interacting with their expertly trained teachers in the same ways as mainstream students. The components of the Education Plan align well and holistically support the school’s mission.

Many of our children and students have experienced difficulties in mainstream school settings, they may have been excluded from school or have had problems at home because of their complex and challenging needs. Later school start time allows students and their families to settle back into education at a more relaxed pace, while developing a positive structure and routine in a safe environment. The Comprehensive program offers multiple levels of core academic coursework – Advanced Placement, Honors, Standard, and Foundations– plus foreign languages, technology electives, and arts courses.  Throughout the flexible school day and beyond, students access this entire curriculum via their school-provided laptops which allow them to work anywhere, anytime while producing a rich stream of learning data to guide every instructional decision.

Science Prep Academy instructional method is designed around each student from the ground up, with the daily routine driven by data about his or her learning and activities designed to maximize both academic performance and social/emotional growth. 

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